Curating Slow Fashion

What does a personal wardrobe stylist do?


Closet Edit

Do you have lots of clothes but nothing to wear? A closet edit with a personal stylist is what you need. I can help you go through your wardrobe and organize it to make sure it functions for you and your lifestyle.

Personal Styling

I can help you refine your personal style and make sure your outfits express your personality and convey your message. We’ll mix and match items so you know exactly what works for you and for what occasion.


Seasonal Fashion

Need help with different seasonal outfits? I can help you easily transition from one season to another. I’ll let you know of current trends and we can find fun ways to add them if you’d like!

Vacation Packing

Did you know it’s possible to pack for an extended trip with only a carryon and a bag? It’s true!! I can help you plan and pack for trips in a methodical and creative way. Then you won’t have to worry about wrestling with large or multiple bags! No one wants to expend that kind of vacation energy!

Interior of a clothing store with racks of various style garments and a "50% off" sign displayed prominently.

Personal Shopping

I love working with existing clothing and accessories to create a new look. However, if we need to supplement, I can help with shopping, ideally second-hand clothing from thrift stores in Kansas City, to find exactly what you need.

Lisa has helped me with organizing my closet and making amazing outfits out of the clothes I already have. We all are in a rut with what we wear daily and with Lisa’s help, I am wearing more of the clothes in my closet and feeling confident in my new outfits!

Jessica R.

Liberty, MO

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