renew. refresh. restyle.


Create Your Happy Place

You deserve to feel good in your space: whether that’s in your home or in your clothing. When you feel good, you do good! Let me breathe new life into your space so you can feel amazing and go rule YOUR world!

Are you struggling to put together a cohesive look in your home or wardrobe? Do you have cool stuff but aren't sure how to make it work? Many people have great pieces but struggle to bring them together. Sometimes you need a fresh perspective to help you see the potential in what you already have.

Interior Decorating & Staging

Great furniture? Check! Cute Home Décor? Yup. Create a maximal space with a minimal budget. It’s time to build your happy place.

Personal Wardrobe Styling

Find confidence with your current wardrobe and discover how everything you like really DOES go together. Make your fashion speak for you!


Presentations on home styling, fashion, staging, and thrifting are my jam. If you need a speaker for your group, please reach out. I can tailor a presentation that works for you!

Are You Feeling Out of Place?

Let’s face it, life can be tough some days, so why not come from a place well-rested and feeling like you can conquer the world?

If you…

  • Want to change your home decor style on a modest budget
  • Want to display your personal treasures in the best possible light
  • Need help decluttering and downsizing
  • Feel overwhelmed with the vast array of shopping choices in furniture, décor or clothing
  • Want to stage your home to attract the right buyer
  • Want to learn more about “slow fashion” and sustainability
  • Love your wardrobe but struggle with putting outfits together

…or simply need a new perspective on your home or with your style, I am here to help. Why? Because you deserve to feel good, look great, and live in a happy place.

Lisa is so talented and patient. She really took the time to get to know me, understand my design style and create a space that brings me joy every day. And I still love my tile three and a half years later!

Ruth F.

Roeland Park, KS

Creative Consultant

I can help you:

  • revamp your space with the furniture and home decor you currently own;
  •  refresh your fashion style by rediscovering your wardrobe.

Why waste money and time buying new things when you already have treasures at home? Call 816-522-3961 to bring you a breath of fresh flair.

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Styling Process

After a phone consultation to understand your goals and timeline, we’ll meet in-person to review your existing pieces, how to style what you already have or fill any gaps with curated, secondhand items.


Discovery Call

Call 816-522-3961 and tell me what you need and how I can help.

In-Person Meeting

Together we'll review your project, timeline and budget.

Schedule Project

Decide on a day and time to complete your styling project.

Ready to refresh your style or create a space that makes you feel amazing?

Call 816-522-3961 for your free phone consultation and let’s get started.